SEBSEAM M EU SME Helpdesk Be an Expert

Be an Expert

If you are a company based in Malaysia with relevant internationalisation expertise and experience, EUMCCI would like to invite YOU to become one of the experts on the SEBSEAM-M EU SME Helpdesk. As an expert, you would be providing advice to internationalising European companies and in that way support their successful overseas expansion.

Role and Responsibilities

Experts operate as advisors who provide consultancy services to EU companies that send enquiries via the EU SME Helpdesk. For more details about the service terms please refer to the Terms and Agreement.


Grow Your Client Base

  • Access to a pool of internationalising European companies
  • Leverage on easy-to-use features and conducive environment to cultivate prospective clientele
  • Leverage on EUMCCI facilitation support to service companies

Enhance Credibility & Branding

  • Be recognised as a preferred internationalisation expert and EUMCCI partner
  • Familiarise yourself with the profiles of your potential customers to enhance the level of service

Profiling Opportunities

  • Opportunities to interact (online) simultaneously with various European companies
  • Receive invitations to exclusive events related to your area of expertise
  • Submit relevant case studies and get front-page coverage on the Portal

Membership Types


  • 1 expert account


  • 7 expert accounts
  • Optional 1 central coordinator account with access rights to coordinate and manage experts accounts

Membership Fees

Teaser-offer for the initial six months of expert membership: FREE
After teaser-offer: regular fees MYR 800 per/year
Exempt from paying fees: EUMCCI members

Functional Features/ Benefits

  • Register and get featured in the directory of experts
  • Get matched to companies seeking expertise support in relevant expert areas
  • Manage content and enquiries with personalized expert accounts
  • Submit case studies to EUMCCI for additional profiling opportunities
  • Direct access to EUMCCI for facilitation and support