SEBSEAM M EU SME Helpdesk How it Works and making it as easy as 1 2 and 3

The Internationalisation Helpdesk Resource for all your Expansion Needs

At SEBSEAM-M EU SME Helpdesk companies can identify and access the know-how of experts from Malaysia. You can contact these experts directly and post them questions about your overseas expansion, at your own convenience.

In addition, you will be able to access relevant EUMCCI events and initiatives that would help your overseas expansion.

How does SEBSEAM-M EU SME Helpdesk work?

Browse: View profiles and track records of registered experts

You can view the detailed profiles of experts registered at SEBSEAM-M EU SME Helpdesk

Find out their credentials, track record for consulting and references from previous clients, to help you make informed decisions.

Expert-Matching: Find the best experts to fit your overseas expansion

Let EU SME Helpdesk match you to the right experts to help you address your specific internationalisation challenge.

Ask an expert: Get your questions answered on SEBSEAM-M EU SME Helpdesk

After identifying an expert, post your questions to the selected experts using the portal's "Ask an expert" service.

Ask an expert is a complimentary service for all SEBSEAM-M EU SME Helpdesk members.

Profiling Opportunities

SEBSEAM-M EU SME Helpdesk offers internationalising companies many benefits. These include:


    Immediate access to a large pool of international experts. You are no longer constrained by time and distance to seek quality sebseam-m support.


    Ease of accessing and interacting with international experts. With easy to use features such as "Expert-Matching", SEBSEAM-M EU SME Helpdesk makes the search for the international expert advice, a real breeze.


    A one-stop shop for all internationalisation needs. Our initiative to bring a wide range of experts to the Portal means you can quickly find relevant know-know to support your overseas expansion.


    Pre-qualified and screened, our experts have the relevant market/industry expertise and experience to provide you with professional internationalisation advice.