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SEBSEAM-M EU SME Helpdesk is an initiative by EU-Malaysia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (EUMCCI), to provide a trusted platform for EU SMEs to ask qualified experts about expanding your business into the Malaysia and ASEAN markets.

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Designed for the EU SMEs in mind, SEBSEAM-M EU SME Helpdesk will connect you to experts to provide relevant information and advice for your business to expand to Malaysia as a gateway to ASEAN.

From tips to regulatory information, SEBSEAM-M EU SME Helpdesk is your one-stop platform to answer all your questions!

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The SEBSEAM-M EU-SME Helpdesk is created to help EU companies. It serves as a centre to receive enquiries, especially from EU small and medium enterprises, seeking information or advice about the Malaysian market as a gateway to ASEAN.

Just type in your questions into the box above, the industry and the knowledge domain you require, and SEBSEAM-M EU SME Helpdesk will identify the experts for your selection.

SEBSEAM-M: Support for European Businesses in South East Asia Markets - Malaysian Component is EU-project aiming to facilitate market access of EU companies, especially EU SMEs to the Malaysian and ASEAN market.

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  • the Market you intend to enter, specifying the city/state
  • the Know-how you need advice on (eg: branding, taxation, etc.)
  • Finally, state your question clearly

Tip: Instead of asking 'What is the labour law in Malaysia?' ask 'I am an IT solutions company, setting up a rep office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Is there a minimum wage I have to adhere to when hiring a local in Malaysia?'.

Note: Our experts are equipped to advise on specific issues with respect to overseas markets and industries. Hence they would not be in the best position to answer questions relating to requests for foreign business leads or business set-up issues in Malaysia.